Welcome to Our Practice

Welcome to Dayton Arthritis and Allergy Center, where we strive to provide the highest quality service to our patients in and around the Dayton, Ohio area. We have a team dedicated to providing state-of-the-art care with a wide array of arthritis and allergy services, including:

Arthritis Services

Drs. Thomas Henderson, Aliya Khan, Michael Stevens, Shobha Wani and Hana Badreddine are board-certified rheumatologists. DAAC rheumatologists treat individuals with arthritis, osteoporosis and other rheumatologic conditions. 

Our office offers DXA, x-ray and an in office infusion suite with televisions and wireless internet access for patient comfort.  We currently infuse Actemra, Boniva, IVIG, Orencia, Prolia, Reclast, Remicade and Rituxan.  

Allergy Services

Our office offers allergy treatments and testing, such as spirometry testing, allergy testing, and allergy shots. Thanks for visiting the website of Dayton Arthritis and Allergy Center, where an active lifestyle is promoted!